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 :     How to Arrange and Pay For a Cremation With Burial

 :     How to Correctly Write What You Want Done When You Die

 :     Preparing a WILL in Utah Without A Lawyer for Less Than $50

 :     Why Chain Funeral Homes Are Not Worth the Money

 :     How You Always Profit Big Paying Off A Well-Chosen Preneed Funeral Plan Quickly

 :     The Truth About Your Favorite Funeral Home

 :     How to Get Money Back on Every Prepaid Funeral Plan

 :     EBOOK: How to Control All of Your Final Expenses by Richard R. Bruneau

 :     How Controlling Funeral Costs Ensures You Never Pay More than $3,000

 :     VAGUE THINKING: "Instead of buying a prepaid funeral plan, I'll just INVEST."

 :     How to Protect Your Funeral Money and Wishes in Every Way

 :     Funeral Home Goes Out of Business: Why You Don't Have to Worry About It

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•  Always pay less
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•  Bad health okay
•  Insured, guaranteed, portable

D O   Y O U R   H O M E W O R K
•  Why Educated People Pre-Pay
•  What a funeral General Price List is
•  28 Utah Funeral Home Survey 2018

Premier Funeral Services
vs. Utah Average

What is Your "Funeral Money"

Example of Premier Funeral Services
Five Year Prepaid Funeral Plan

Premier Ten Year $4,000 Payout

How You Control Funeral Costs

The Burial Process Explained

7 Truths About $3,000 Funerals
You Cannot Ignore

Examples of Premier's Most
Affordable Packages

Premier Funeral Services
Has No Price Increases

If You Already Bought
An Expensive Funeral Plan

$2,790 Church Funeral With Casket
Cost Frozen

Life Expectancy Calculator

$2,790 Plan Payments

How Guaranteed Prepaid
Funeral Plans Work

No Preplanning or Prepaying Means
Big Bill At Time of Need

Single Payment or Early Payoff
Discount Calculation Table

How Early Payoff Works

Many Plans Are Possible
Under $3,000
With No Sacrifice of Quality

Memorial Estates Plot Owners
Plan Completion Chart

Expensive Funeral Homes
Total Payout Is More Than You
Want to Pay

How Much Can We FREEZE?

How $100,000 Life Insurance
Falls Short - A

How $100,000 Life Insurance
Falls Short - B

Planning Cost Checklist

Funeral Home Survey 2018

Example of
Final Wishes Summary
We Prepare For You

Obituary Costs -
Newspaper vs. Online

Flowers Cost

How Sales Tax Is Computed
On Funerals and Burials
At the Time of Need

Ebook: How to Control All
of Your Final Expenses

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